Getting Ready For Summer


Every now and then I think everyone needs a moment to sit back and plan ahead! What better way to do it than by sitting with a G&T in the garden. Finally the sun is out and I am making plans for what promises to be another fantastic, exciting and vibrant summer. This season I’m returning to Britannia on May 20th till September 30th. The future can sometimes be hard to predict, but one thing that we can guarantee is that the next few months are sure to be filled with sunshine, singing and music! Let me know in the comments below how you like to spend your time relaxing!

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“Simply put, theatre isn’t a performance. It is a passion onstage and off” says Adam. Originally qualified in performing arts his career has taken him on a varied and interesting journey; everything from producing a summer pantomime at sea through to performing for the A-list stars in London and around the world. Born in the North East, Adam is now a freelance Director, Choreographer & Producer working across the U.K. on a number of productions.
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  1. Petrie

    Relaxing on the beach at the end of my street, relaxing in my garden, or on my back deck, or on my front deck overlooking Moreton Bay. I love relaxing on a cruise or on a tour bus. Watching a good movie.

  2. We were with you singing Les Mis in the Caribbean from Dec 11 to 23 2017. Amazing experience. Someone uploaded the video on YouTube but it’s disappeared? Will you still be on Britannia this December?

    1. Adam Allinson

      Hi Pauline! Unfortunately I have no control over what is uploaded to Youtube, as it is only down to when other people post videos etc. My dates this winter have still yet to be confirmed, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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